Jefferson Airplane’s WOODSTOCK on colored vinyl

Last summer Jefferson Airplane released their complete Woodstock set on vinyl for the first time ever. And fans were offered a little more…a pillbox emblazoned with a suitably psychedelic band logo free with any purchase. Well, both the LP package and the pillbox were gigantic hits, as they were sold out immediately with the first pressing…so we decided to offer them again! Except this time, the vinyl color on the WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969 3-LP set is “vibrating” violet, to commemorate Grace Slick’s comment from the stage that “everyone’s vibrating.” And, yup, the pillbox is free if you buy the vinyl! There are going to be lots of “Volunteers” for this package…so don’t wait too long because there are limited quantities! WOODSTOCK SUNDAY AUGUST 17, 1969 3-LP set will be available on 1.31.2020.

Pre-order your copy today: