“One generation got old

One generation got soul

This generation got no dissertation to hold

Pick up the cry

Hey now it’s time for you and me”

Marty Balin 

Paul Kantner


“We could go back and relive that time but somewhere in us…in our core…we find that the idea we were courting at that time is just as relevant if not more today.

This is what we believed then, and we believe it today. Perhaps this should have been part of the notes on that jacket fifty years ago…

Volunteer to make your voice heard this year and every year.
Volunteer to try to make your world a little better place each day as best you can.
Volunteer to get out and vote no matter how inconvenient it might seem.
Volunteer to tell the truth regardless of whether your opinion is in fashion.
Volunteer to always be true to your soul.”

-Jorma and Jack