From Woodstock anthem to West Coast workingmen’s club

He wrote one of the most recognised anthems of the Woodstock era for Jefferson Airplane and has played guitar alongside some of the big names of the 1960s — and for the past month former rocker Darby Slick has been visiting friends and family in far-off Reefton.

In the heady and psychedelic days of 1960s America, Slick won fame with his band The Great Society and wrote the song Somebody to Love, sung famously by his ex-sister-in-law Grace Slick of Jefferson Airplane. It was one of the biggest songs of Woodstock in 1969.

Slick and his chef partner Ginger Carlson, herself renowned in the cuisine world, are visiting Carlson’s sister Christie, and both say they love Reefton and are seriously considering moving here.

Ginger Carlson visited her sister a few months ago, and on this trip she brought Darby with her and have both enjoyed mixing with the locals at the Reefton Workingmen’s Club.

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